Bible Study

Join a Bible Study Group today to help you grow in your understanding of the Word of God. Bible Study discussions are done at small group level to help you enjoy warm fellowship with other believers and relate with them in a personal way.


Bible A Month (LIC Bam)

  • To raise funds to buy Bibles for needy people.
  • To pray and support the work of Bible Societies the world over and in particular the Bible Society of Ghana.
  • To encourage other members of LIC to join the Club.

Christian Life Seminar

The Church Education Ministry organises a Christian Life Seminar every month that provides members information to enhance their physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

The LIC Couples’ Fellowship began in September 2003. The Fellowship’s Vision, Mission and Objectives are defined as follows:

To have a vibrant and close knit, young Christian couples fellowship, full of exemplary marital relationships in LIC. read more…