Bible A Month (LIC BAM)

Bible A Month (LIC BAM) 2018-01-20T16:50:24+00:00


The Legon Interdenominational Church’s Bible-A-Month (LIC-BAM) Club was formed with the objectives:

  • To raise funds to buy Bibles for needy people
  • To pray and support the work of Bible Societies the world over and in particular the Bible Society of Ghana.
  • To encourage other members of LIC to join the Club

The fundraising objective is achieved by having members of the Club contribute the cost in cash of one or more ‘standard’ Bibles a month. A member voluntarily contributes any amount on a monthly or annual basis to the Club. All such funds are donated to the Bible Society of Ghana (BSG) in support of its mission of ‘Making God’s Word Available and Affordable.’

Membership is open to the entire LIC Congregation. The cost of a ‘standard’ Bible for the year 2013 is Fifteen Ghana Cedis (GH¢15). Join today and start contributing!!!