Couples’ Fellowship

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The LIC Couples’ Fellowship began in September 2003. The Fellowship’s Vision, Mission and Objectives are defined as follows:


To have a vibrant and close-knit, Christian Couples Fellowship, full of exemplary marital relationships in LIC and to extend this godly influence beyond LIC.


To bring together Christian couples in LIC to learn from the scriptures, to share their experiences add to care for each other in order to strengthen their fellowship and marital relationships in the Lord.


  1. To bring together Christian couples in LIC to provide additional Christian family and marital support in their life-long journey.
  2. To encourage Christian couples in LIC to learn biblical principles as well as life and relationship skills together.
  3. To encourage Christian couples in LIC to share everything including food, wealth, testimonies, prayer, challenges, needs etc with each other.
  4. To encourage Christian couples in LIC to care for each other through praying for each other, spending time and resources on each other, counseling, showing concern as well as any other thing the Lord so encourages them to do for one another.

Our Meetings

An important feature has been the annual 3-day residential retreats where members take a break to recommit to this life long journey together. In addition, the Fellowship also organizes an annual 1-day Mini-Retreat also to help us build us up in our most holy faith.

The topics we cover at Couples’ Fellowship meetings ranging from communication to sex, to in-laws,  parenting and spiritual disciplines, and everything that goes with married life.  Our meetings take different formats but it is common to find us in an interactive circle learning, laughing, and adjusting as the Lord guides us through resource persons and each other.

You are Invited

Join us from 4.00pm -6.30pm on the first Sundays of January, March, July, and November.  Our annual residential retreats tend to happen in May and our mini-retreat in September.  We meet at No 15, Lower Hill, University of Ghana campus.  Please join us.

Talk to us

More information?:  Whatsapp/SMS or call +233 26 371-0742 (Efeh Amoah) or +233 24 420-3061 (Faustina Aryeetey)