Welfare and Visitation

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The Ministry’s mandate is to ensure that the biblical instructions (in Galatians 6:2 and Romans 12:15) are fulfilled by making it possible for the church to cater for the general welfare of its members and other vulnerable social groups.

To achieve this, it often works with the Council of Elders (COEs) and the Pastoral Care and counseling Ministry to ensure that persons in need can be attended to swiftly. It also coordinates the organization of all social functions (bazaars, sports and health activities) organized for church members.

Major Activities

  • Advising COE on matters of welfare and coordinating activities seeking the welfare of members.
  • Regularly visiting members of the church (that are in need) in collaboration with Area Fellowships.
  • Arranging for the presentation of gifts – as appropriate – to LIC members on behalf of the church.

Convener: Rev. Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor